Where are our councillors?

A week ago, the Save our Town committee emailed all 32 Labour Councillors asking them a number of questions about their decision to reject a lease option on land behind Cutenhoe Road for a training dome to be built.

We received four replies which is, quite frankly, disgraceful.

Twenty-eight members did not have the common courtesy, decency or respect to answer our questions. That number includes the councillors who represent the ward of Luton South, the proposed home of the dome.

To the four that did, thank you.

Let’s put this in perspective:

The majority party group who represents us, meets in private, is advised by council officers on the issue being debated and then decides whether to approve or not. No minutes are kept!!

It is lawful to conduct business in this manner, but the Save our Town committee asks is it right and proper that elected representatives of Luton, without consulting their constituents, can make decisions about our town in private un-minuted meetings, and be under no obligation to make their reasons public?

We say no!

Our message is clear:

Tell us about your deliberations and the decision-making process that led to your rejecting the Cutenhoe Road dome, and then let it be debated in public.

Hiding behind a wall of secrecy, blocking debate and not answering emails is in our opinion an abuse of power. You are clearly out of touch with the electorate.

A perspective of the Dome issue.

Reasons for:

  • Public opinion.
  • Much needed income for the town.
  • Educational use.
  • The football club will be able to bring on and retain talent drawn from Luton.
  • Overseas football clubs can use the facilities pre-match or tournament and likely fly into and stay in the town. A big bonus financially for the hospitality industry and Luton as a whole.

Reasons against:

  • The Ruling Labour Group!

The Save our Town committee says you have made a decision that is detrimental to the advancement of our town and flies in the face of public opinion.

We say to you – come and talk to us, we are here and ready to listen.

The Save our Town Committee.


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