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Having been actively involved in the successful campaign to transform Luton Town centre and Newlands Park at J10 of the M1 motorway we turn our attention to more good news stories about Luton and Lutonians.

We have also started work on another transformational project that will help to regenerate Luton and its reputation and celebrate its achievements.

What Are We Doing & Why?

We love LUTON – OUR TOWN. We were born here; we grew up here; we live here; we work here; our family is here; our kids were born here; our parents came from here; our football team is here. To us it’s special. We love Wardown Park; the L&D; the town hall; Bury Park; Stockwood Park; Warden Hills; Kenilworth Road; Leagrave Park; the schools; University; St. George’s Square
Whether it’s Stopsley; Challney; Biscot; Crawley; Farley; Barnfield; Wigmore; Dallow; South; Farley; Saints; High Town; Limbury; Icknield; Lewsey; Round Green; Northwell; Sundon Park – we love ‘em all

We love the diversity. Our parents, grandparents, great grandparents may well have settled here from all over the Country, from all parts of the Commonwealth and from Ireland. They came with courage and a desire for a better life for their families. They came for the secure, well-paid work at Vauxhall, Bedford, SKF, Electrolux, AC Delco, Kent Meters, Hayward Tyler, Whitbread, Commer Cars, Laporte, and latterly Luton Airport, EasyJet and the L&D Hospital. We salute them.

Of course we know of the negativity, whether in the news media or social media. It’s like an infectious disease – it catches on and before long word of mouth spreads it and it becomes the received wisdom irrespective of its truth or otherwise. The reputation of our town, Luton, has suffered in this way for decades.
We reject this mindset – absolutely!

#saveourtown think it’s time for a change, time to right a few wrongs!
Little in the world is perfect. Luton is no exception but lots of good things are happening. Regeneration is afoot. Investment is building. Our aim is to support all that’s good in our town. From individuals and businesses that are rising to the challenges of Covid-19. Looking out for others, supporting their community and making a contribution. We will highlight these heroes that are not wearing capes, those that are determined to make a difference and put something back. Firms that are repurposing production in response to critical need for specialised equipment – much the same as an earlier generation did at Vauxhall and other firms in WW2.

Beyond that Save Our Town is currently involved in the early stages of a brand new regeneration project that will be the envy of every town in the region. Something so big it will be of national importance!
When details can be released Save Our Town supporters will be asked to voice their opinions and support for this truly special opportunity.

Together we can make a difference. Together we can make things happen………….

Gareth Owen

Luton Town FC Official Photographer

When Save Our Town started I remember thinking how organised it all was, a group not just ’talking’ but ‘doing’ and within a short space of time there were hundreds of people getting involved to ensure Power Court and Newlands Park happened. My dad used to talk of a new stadium many, many years ago and when I got involved with the football club, numerous mad plans were thrown at us.

Now the plans are approved, it is going to happen – when the world calms down!”

Shiela Fitzgerald

I believe in this town and its people!

Ray Coot

Let's make Luton the town it should be & give the football club the stadium it & its supporters deserve.

Cathy Hutchinson

This is essential for the future of our town and our football club - no one should stand in the way of what is so obviously a hugely beneficial development to Luton.

Anthony Mallon

These projects are vitaly important for the future of Luton!

Nina Coodien

I sincerely believe it will move this town forward, bring opportunities to our community, our present and our future #saveourtown #please #thankyou

Ian Matthews

Our Town deserves these fantastic developments. It is just not the Football club and supporters that will benefit. Just for starters a decent music venue would be great as there are no real local venues for larger bands/groups to play.

Ann Clarke

I love Luton and want it to thrive. I want more opportunities for young and old.

Vincent Mitchell

I want this great town to have a future and a new football stadium to be proud of.

Thomas Maher

I believe both project will deliver a better future for Luton, culturally and financially

Mick Henman

I love my town, and it needs the kiss of life, don't see why non Luton people should dictate to me and affect my children / grandchildrens future.

Michael Pratt

This great town and its community deserve these massive projects that are planned......who in their right minds would feel it necessary to stand against such a desperately needed investment in the town of Luton.....

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