Cutenhoe Road Dome – the reality?

The Save our Town committee have been been investigating a number of issues concerning the Cutenhoe Road dome that have thrown up a number of inconsistencies. SoT ask Luton Borough Council to be honest about the situation at Cutenhoe Road and answer our questions and queries.

Our enquiries reveal:

  1. 2020 Developments Ltd initially made enquiries with LBC about the viability of leasing the land. The idea was approved in principle by the Labour Policy (ruling) Group.
  2. Planning permission for the dome was therefore applied for and subsequently approved by the Planning Development Committee.
  3. The commercial lease terms were agreed by council officers.
  4. When put to the Labour Policy Group, (see 1 above) they turn down the lease option for the very weak reasons we know about.

Our question to the Labour Policy Group is why did you change your mind between agreeing in principle and voting for the real deal? The reasons for refusal were equally valid when you made the agreement in principle so what changed? We also know the vote was not unanimous and are aware that there are a number of waverers within your group.

Your principle objection was that the land might be needed for a school.

Fact – that will never happen as most of the land is within a Public Safety Zone on the flightpath into Luton Airport. You will be aware of this fact so why try and fob us off with reasoning that does not stand scrutiny at the simplest level.

The committee are calling the council out on this issue. We are of the belief that this matter has become personal and there are a number within the Labour Policy Group that would appear to have issues with 2020 Developments Ltd. This is a company that has had good relationships with LBC in the past, what has happened to change this?

In the absence of any communication from the Labour Policy Group we are forced to draw our own conclusions.


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