The New Mayor and a Local Labour Leadership Challenge

As Cllr. Mahmood Hussain is announced as the new Mayor of Luton, it would appear all is not well within the ruling Labour  group.

Sources tell us that after Cllrs. Jacqui Burnett, Mahmood Hussain and Paul Castleman were removed from the Labour Executive Committee (see our social media post 28 April) an attempt was made to oust Cllr. Hazel Simmons as Labour leader.

Led by Cllr. David Agbley (Luton South) meetings were held to encourage others to back the proposal including we are told, Cllr. Mahmood Hussain. Ultimately the bid failed falling well short of the 14 backers required.

It is reported that, having previously turned down the offer to be Mayor for the coming year, Cllr. Mahmood Hussain abruptly changed his mind and insisted he wanted the job after all, which is a purely ceremonial position.

Meanwhile we will keep our ear to the ground…..

As the saying goes – keep your friends close and your enemies closer!




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