Luton’s Best Kept Secret!

Save Our Town (SOT) is involved in the development of ambitious plans to build a brand new home for the little known Vauxhall Heritage Centre. This is a truly outstanding collection of over SIXTY vehicles build by Vauxhall Motors and Bedford Trucks over the last 115 years! Few people, not connected with Vauxhall, know it even exists; it’s only been on public display for one day a year.

We passionately believe this fabulous collection must be preserved intact in Luton, not only because it represents the real 20th century industrial heritage of Luton but because it’s an inherent part of the family stories of tens of thousands of people from the local area. Countless people came to Luton from all over this country, Ireland and the Commonwealth, often from ‘old industry’ areas with mass unemployment, to find secure, well paid work ‘at The Vauxhall’. This invariably meant they had to uproot from relatives and friends and have the courage to look for a better life for themselves and their own family. This collection is their legacy.

We must look forward to a brighter, post-Covid, future and the restoration of pride in our town. This project will play a crucial part in that. Over the next few days, weeks and months we’ll be explaining much more about this wonderful opportunity and asking you for your views and family stories. Watch this space! In the meantime please share, like and comment. We need your help to spread the word. Here’s a little two-minute taster, grab a brew and enjoy:

Vauxhall Heritage Collection

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