Luton’s best kept secret – continued…

We hope you enjoyed the video in our last post giving you a glimpse of the stunning collection of  SIXTY classic Vauxhall and Bedford vehicles at The Vauxhall Heritage Centre. It represents 115 years of our Industrial Heritage and social history, a legacy of the tens of thousands of employees from the Luton and Dunstable area and beyond.

For several months, in conjunction with Culture Trust Luton, LBC and Vauxhall Motors, Save Our Town (SOT) has been heavily involved in the early stage discussions and planning to build a brand new home for the little known collection that will be the envy of all our neighbouring towns and cities. There is a huge amount of work still to do to make the dream a reality. Culture Trust have been hosting a ‘taster’ exhibition, showcasing a small sample of the collection. This has been temporarily closed during November but, subject to Government Covid regulations, is expected to reopen in early December and throughout the school Christmas holidays.

One crucial task that has to be undertaken is to provide evidence to trusts, charities and other potential funding organisations, that the people of our town support the idea. That’s where you – our followers – can play a very important part. Firstly we need you to ‘expose’ Luton’s Best Kept Secret’ to your friends and family. Encourage them to follow Save Our Town on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. There’s also our website as an alternative. Once the people of our town are aware that this hidden gem actually exists we are confident there will be overwhelming support to preserve it and have it on permanent display in Luton – its spiritual home!
Over the next few weeks we’ll tell you much more about the story and the ways in which you can make your support known. Watch this space!

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