ABC Cinema, George Street – update

You may have seen that rumours are now rife that, as well as new blocks of flats, the ABC/Savoy site will house the library and a tech hub (we are not exactly sure what that even means, few desks with USB ports perhaps?!). We really hope the powers that be will take account of the opinions of all of you that have taken the time to complete our survey. You definitely would like the façade restored/replicated and an artisan cinema, the top two choices by far, as a nod to our history, within its new walls. We will deliver your comments and views to those making decisions and just hope that our Town’s heritage and respecting those valuable opinions will indeed play a role in that decision making.
It is not too late to complete our survey (below) but we will be collating the evidence soon, as execution of next steps feels imminent, despite no plans actually having been formally submitted, that we can ascertain. We can but try to influence the final vision by sharing your memories and wishes.
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