The Lace Lady is NOT amused!

One of Luton’s best-loved buildings, Wardown Park Museum, was recently the target of vandals who thought it appropriate to daub the walls and paths with largely unintelligible graffiti.

Always considered a built-heritage icon of OUR town it has been enjoyed by many generations of Lutonians. We deplore this unintelligent desecration and presume it was intended to garner support and sympathy for some cause. Ironically it is likely to have the opposite effect, irrespective of the perceived validity, or otherwise, of the intended objective.

The law provides for peaceful protest and demonstration – indeed it’s a basic tenet of our democracy. It’s an alternative we’d suggest is considered in future, whichever side of any argument people stand. It is certainly more respectful of the community we’re all part of.

Our thanks are due to the Luton Council Property Department for their rapid response in clearing up the mess.

That is NOT a smile!
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